RMV – Awakening Special Skill Cut In

Awakening Special Skill Cut In

Author: Soulpour777


Do you wish to show a cutin image when a special skill is cast? This plugin allows you to do that, with two different types, the sliding and the classic static image.

For the Updated version, documentation is under the help file.

Terms of Use:
You are free to use this script only Commercial / Non Commercial Use.

Dev Log:

Version 1.0 – This plugin will only allow you to have a singular cutin for ever special skill.)

Version 2.0 – This plugin allows you to have different cut ins for every single special skill.

Version 3.0 – This plugin allows you to have different cut ins for every single special skill and critical hits.

Just in case you need the older version, download it from this link.

Download Latest Plugin Link (Dropbox) – Version 3.0

How To Use:

I made a video how to use the plugin and how you can set up the use:


One Reply to “RMV – Awakening Special Skill Cut In”

  1. What I would like is for the character image to stop halfway across the screen then fade out. Similar to the bust image plugin you have. I can get it to work if I tweak the xmovespeed and fadespeed but the settings revert if I go back and make any other changes. It keeps defaulting to sliding the image from one side of the screen to the other. Can you tell me how to make the settings stick or is this a bug that needs fixed?


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