RMV – Horror Menu Customizer

RMV – Horror Menu Customizer
Author: Soulpour777

Plugin Description:
Not all games in RPG Maker are mostly RPGs. Some of the developers out there have been using it to make compelling Horror games. With this plugin, simplify the menu with just the menu items you want.

Q: Where are my items? They seem to be gone?

A: You must make your items as Key Items for it to show.

Any modification request? Drop a comment below :)

Plugin Demonstration:

2017 Update


To easily remove the Skill, Formation and Equip functions, just go to the database and uncheck the things in the menu you don’t want. The new Horror Menu Customizer now involves a bust:





13 thoughts on “RMV – Horror Menu Customizer

  1. I really like this plugin and it will be perfect for my game but there is a dropbox 404 error whenever I try to download it, can you fix it please or is there a different way?


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