RMV – Limited Sight EX

Limited Sight EX RPG Maker Plugin by Soulpour777

Current Build Version: 3

Fixed Bugs:

  • Clamp and toLowerCase errors with other plugins.

If these two errors are still appearing, place this plugin above all else.


I know how much we love to make Horror Games for RPG Maker. With this plugin, you will be able to limit the player’s sight or visibility range, to create that seemingly isolated range for your characters.

Download Image

Download Plugin

Limited Sight Ex Help File / Documentation


5 Replies to “RMV – Limited Sight EX”

  1. Hi I really want to use the Limited Sight EX plugin but I am not sure how it works even after reading the instructions. Do I need my own picture to use it? Please assist me on how to use the plugin. I think its really amazing and was looking for it all over.


      1. Awesome! Thanks for your quick response I cant believe I didn’t see the picture folder the first time. Much appreciated.


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