RMV – Ib Life System

RMV Ib Life System Plugin by Soulpour777

This script allows you to liken your life meter system on the game Ib. Your life will be based on a certain number of variables and a heads up display will represent it for you. When the number turns 0, that means you are dead.

Plugin Demonstration

Plugin Help File Documentation (You can also access this via help file)

Remember to put your images on the img / huds folder.

Q: Wait, why does the hud not showing? The plugin is turned on!
A: To turn on the hud, you need to turn the switch you indicated for the hud to appear. For example, if your HudSwitch is 4, you need to make an event that turns Switch #004 ON.

Q: I hate that fade In animation! I want it off!
A: To turn it off, change the value from the plugin manager from true to false, without “” marks.

Q: Can you tell me more about the Max Life Power?
A: The Max Life Power is your entire life. This means that when it hits 0, you’ll die. There is one thing you need to know though, if you are going to make the max life power to 10, you must provide more images for the numbers. You have to provide them in order via HudNumberImages.

Q: About the HudNumberImages, does that mean that each number for the life meter should be represented by the hud numbers?
A: That is correct. But I suppose you won’t make your character’s life 1000, don’t you? The plugin likens the life meter system to the game Ib, after all.

Q: How can I decrease my life meter? When I damage myself via the default life bar, it doesn’t change.
A: To decrease your life meter, you need to do this on a script call:
where x is the value you desire. For example:

Q: When I want to increase it?
A: To increase your life meter, you need to do this on a script call:
where x is the value you desire.

Q: I added a value more than my max life, does it matter?
A: Yes. When you increase your life more than your max life, you will just be added the same value of your max life. The same goes when you decrease your life more than the max life you have.

Q: Is this free for commercial use?
A: But of course. Just credit me, Soulpour777.

Q: How about for IGMC?
A: Contact me from my website for me to know in which game would it be used.




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