RMV – Sleipnir Mapping Overlay System

A plugin designed to aid mappers on Parallax Mapping and Map Design.

What does it do?

Add the following layer setting to your map:

1st – Parallax (Default)
2nd – TileMap (Default)
3rd – Shadow Layer (Custom)
4th – Ground Layers (Custom)
5th – Shadow Layer (Default)
6th – Characters (Default)
7th – Overhead (Custom)
8th – Sunlight (Custom)
9th – Fog (Custom)

For more information about the plugin’s settings, actions and other configurations, please check the help file.

1.5 Update 

  1. Grounds are adjustable now. If you want the ground to lock, make sure that they are of the same size of your map.

2.0 Update

  1. Overlay bug fixed. They are now adjustable and lockable.


  • KADOKAWA (Sasuke Kannazuki and Yoji Ojima) – this is an actual improvement and modification of the Kadokawa Plugin ‘Foreground’. This is a very straightforward and direct plugin that allows you to show images in each layer of the tilemap and basemap. While it is very useful, one has to understand that this plugin is a very hackish solution.

Download Plugin (Mirror 1)

Download Plugin (Mirror 2)



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